A few years ago, I helped a man who was contemplating suicide. It changed my life forever.

For a long time, I pondered what compels people to want to end their lives. This led me to discover a world in which people are fighting an unseen enemy lurking in their minds.

Anyone who has ever felt alone in a crowded room or felt an overwhelming feeling that no one cares about them understands how painful it can be. I decided to write about life, depression and suicide, to research these three subjects and to pass on any information I can in order to give voice to those who are struggling in silence.

I hope to connect with those who are going through depression, those who have overcome depression, those with thoughts about committing suicide, those who have a new outlook on the meaning of life and those who are seeking to learn more about life, depression and suicide.

This blog is a presentation of my thoughts, my research findings and my analysis of the subjects above. I am not a counsellor (I hope to get training soon) but I empathize with those who are suffering mental health issues and if my posts help you in some way, I will be happy.

Best wishes,