Negative Thoughts that Lead to Suicide pt.2

In the first part, we talked about a few of the negative thoughts that lead to suicide. They included: the thought that no one loves you and the thought that no one will miss you.

All these points are only focussing on the mental thoughts that lead to suicide. There are many other factors that lead to suicide such as mental health illnesses or significant traumatic experiences that disorient someone to the point they make fatal decisions.


Here are some more negative thoughts that suicidal people have:

  1. It’s for the best

Human beings are accustomed to taking shortcuts where possible. Think of all the times you refused to thoroughly analyze an issue and you will realize that we all want to get things done quickly and get over it. You see it as well with the fast food establishments. No one wants the hassle of cooking; therefore, you just pick up an already completed dish and get on your merry way.

When the pressures of life weigh you down, the easiest option is to take yourself out of the equation. After all, if you weren’t here, you wouldn’t get to go through this pain. You see unemployed people take their lives because they can’t live with the shame and humiliation of being unable to provide for themselves or their families. You hear about parents who murder their children and then commit suicide in order to save both the children and themselves from their suffering. Those are the painful stories we hear. It is truly scary what our minds can conceive to do when we have our backs against the wall. We can only imagine the moments that preceded the decision to take a life. What is clear is that these people believe that their actions are for the best.

The Truth: Even though we all face trying circumstances, the one constant that remains is that life is priceless. There is always a better decision and a better way to do things. Committing suicide is not the right decision. If people only knew how much life was worth, they would fight for it with everything they have. Just ask most people in the ICU or those suffering with terminal illnesses. In those moments, your desire to live outweighs everything else.

Once this negative thought creeps into your mind, you should always remember that there are those who love you and are counting on you to choose to live for their sakes as well as yours. The world needs you to stick around and contribute something profound that will improve the lives of your fellow man.

Try to develop willpower to strengthen you in times of hardships. Always remember that there is always a better way to do things. If you stop focusing on the obstacles and instead focus on the solutions, you might be able to deal with any problem in your life. Never give up. Things always work out eventually.

  1. I can’t take this anymore

At one point in our lives, it might seem that nothing is working in our favour. You’ve probably lost your job then you head to the parking lot and you find them towing your car. Just when you thought things couldn’t get any worse, you get a phone call that a loved one has been rushed to the hospital. At first you are happy when you hear your loved one will be okay; then you receive the hospital bill and remember you no longer have health insurance for your family nor do you have sufficient funds in your account to pay. As you are pondering the solutions, you receive a phone call from your neighbour telling you that your house has just burned down. Disaster after disaster after disaster. But then things are about to get much worse…

While that paragraph reads like a script from a very sad movie, many people go through trying situations that leave them contemplating their very existence. And just the same, too many people give up and commit suicide. It is a sad reality of the world we live in. Those that are left behind suffer the consequences of another person’s actions. There are those who are so affected by that tragedy that they also attempt to take their own lives. It is a sad and vicious cycle.

Our minds can overwhelm us if left untamed. The mind can lead you to believe that you cannot withstand whatever problem you are facing. “You are not strong enough; just give up”. But is that really true?

The Truth: Most of us go through life without ever developing our willpower. Therefore, when the time comes whereby we are faced with multiple obstacles, our only option is to concede defeat. There are many people who are battered by various trials and suffering yet they stand tall. Why? It is because of their willpower. They have the belief in their ability to overcome whatever trials they face in their lives.

It is very easy to become frustrated at the way things are going in your life. We have all been there. All the plans you had seem to matter little to life. All the positive talk about success and achievement offers little change to your circumstances. When the reality of your life is that everywhere you look there is pain and struggle, you can easily fall victim to the negative thoughts that your environment fosters. The frustration and stress will wear you down until you start weighing your options.

But could you hold on a little bit longer if you had a positive outlook in life and had consistently built up your willpower? I believe so.

The mentally and emotionally strong people are usually those who have been through excruciating and tough situations in their lives. It is not that the pain is not there; it’s just that they have learnt to deal with it. As can you. You just have to hold on and push through to get to the other side.

If you are experiencing suicidal thoughts, do not hesitate to contact a counsellor or a trusted friend who can guide you through that crucial period.

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