Changing Attitudes Toward Mental Health?

If you have been following the Germanwings plane crash story, by now you know that the tragic events that occurred were as a result of a pilot who was suffering mental health issues taking his own life in what has been called “suicide by plane”.

As you can imagine, the knowledge that someone you love is in a plane that you are hearing reports of having crashed somewhere is simply devastating. Unfortunately, there were many deaths, many mourners and many heartbroken families. The sheer effects of that day will reverberate for years to come.

Knowing this then, it has come as a surprise to learn that a lady who lost her boyfriend – due to the intentional acts of the pilot – does not lay any blame on the pilot due to reports about his mental health state. You can read that article here.

Does this surprise you?

Could the lady’s reaction be taken as a change in attitude by society toward people who are suffering from mental health issues?

paradigm shift

Only time will tell whether this is a major paradigm shift in the struggle against mental health diseases. There are a lot of people suffering silently and they need assistance.

Do what you can to be there for others and perhaps that will be the stepping stone toward making a real difference in their life.

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