You Monster: Depression

Sometimes it hurts to realize that no matter how much you learn, you will never know everything.

I have just found out that a lady I knew died recently. She had been suffering from depression for a while and had even attempted suicide. Each time, though, she was rushed to the hospital. She eventually had kids and with the help of her husband, she was able to cope with her depressive disorder.

Hands on a pregnant belly

Yet another monster lay in wait though. I did not know this was possible, but apparently, giving birth gave her Postpartum Depression. It is a type of depression that affects new mothers.

Some of the symptoms of postpartum depression include:

  • shame
  • indifference to life
  • self-harm or attempts to harm the baby
  • fatigue and insomnia

Eventually her illness took its toll on her body; she suffered a stroke and lost her life.

In the end, it seems that no one will ever have all the answers to this monster. Mental health issues can no longer be ignored; and yet, how can we solve this problem if we can never know everything?

image credit: freerangestock

3 thoughts on “You Monster: Depression

  1. Depression is the monster inside, I’m the monster that torments me. And you’re right, we can’t truly, completely understand it yet. Someday, maybe humanity will.


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